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Bred for Alpine mountain rescue, the St. Bernard is a gentle giant that embodies the title of "Man's best friend." Unfortunately for Bernard, the last Alpine rescue was in 1955, which has left him a bit bored. What's a modern St. Bernard to do if he wants to make his mark on the world? Get Cast by Exotic-Erotics, of course!

Bernard is a hefty toy that fits nicely into our existing line up. Longer than Bartlebee, but with a less challenging knot than Moose, and with a deliciously veiny texture, this dog will keep you howling all night long!

Also be sure to check out our new specialty color, Doggy Style! It's a fade from the tip of Red-Blue Duo-tone to Violet-Brass Duo-tone on the shaft. Pictured here with a black base. Now available on all lifecast canine toys!

Zusätzliche Information

Gewicht(Kg) 0.6800
Herkunftsland Vereinigte Staaten
Hersteller Exotic Erotics
Farbe Natürlich
Härte Mittel
Länge 30cm (11.5")
Länge(nutzbar) 25cm (10")
Länge(Schaft) 14cm (5.5")
Durchmesser(Spitze) 4cm (1.5")
Durchmesser(Schaft) 5cm (2")
Durchmesser(Knoten) 7,5cm (3")
Umfang(Spitze) 12,5cm (5")
Umfang(Schaft) 14cm (5,5")
Umfang(Knoten) 22cm (8.7")
Material Silikon
XRector ---
Ejakulierend ---
Vibrator ---
Aufblasbar ---
Penisknochen ---
Saugnapf Ja


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