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Dildo in Form einen Mechs.

The Mech was developed as a piloted assault armor, but it became quickly apparent that no person possessed the reflexes to pilot it effectively. An A.I. Was installed to control basic movement and offer targeting assistance, but it wasn't until that A.I. Was fully upgraded to support a direct neural link with the pilot that the Mech truly began to shine. The modern Mech isn't just an armor, it's a partner to the right pilot. Because each Mech's neural architecture is unique, every unit must be paired with a neurologically compatible pilot. A rigorous training program consisting of psychological testing and simulated combat ops ensures that each Mech is bonded with the correct pilot.

Once a harmonious neural link is established, pilot and Mech are permanently paired. The stronger the bond, the more effective they are as a team. Owing to the strength of this bond, many Mech teams become entangled in romantic or sexual relationships. As this only strengthens the neural link further, we do not discourage this behavior. Due to the processing power required to maintain a permanent neural link, Mechs have no communication with the Exotic Robotics main hub. Mech teams can operate separately, offering support and protection to each other, but it is when the pilot enters the Mech and two minds work in concert to a single purpose that the Mech's full potential is reached. For this reason, Mech teams may be our only realistic option to REDACTED ,as they are the only units that REDACTED cannot gain control over.

Candidates best suited to a Mech Division should be lovers of girth and texture. The Mech has a noticeable taper that is only accentuated by the bump-and-ridge texture offered by its interlocking plates. Each plate is its own reward when you challenge the girth of this seriously thick spike. The taper also means that it makes a great trainer for those looking to go larger, but the overall design and all-over texture changes make the Mech ideal for anyone who likes to feel completely filled.

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Gewicht(Kg) 0.7900
Herkunftsland Vereinigte Staaten
Hersteller Exotic Erotics
XRector Nein
Ejakulierend Nein
Vibrator Nein
Aufblasbar Nein
Penisknochen Nein
Saugnapf Nein
Farbe Mehrfarbig
Härte Mittel
Länge(cm) 21
Nutzbare Länge(cm) 18
Länge 21cm (9.5")
Länge(nutzbar) 18 cm (6.5")
Länge(Schaft) 18 cm (6.5")
Durchmesser(Spitze) 5,8cm (2.3")
Durchmesser(Schaft) 7,1cm (2.8")
Durchmesser(Knoten) ---
Umfang(Spitze) 18cm (7")
Umfang(Knoten) ---
Umfang(Schaft) 25cm (9.8")
Material Silikon