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Dildo in Form einen Roboter-Hundes.

The SubWoofer was first developed as a mine detection and disposal unit. Where the development versions used a basic chemical sniffer and relied on a trained disposal team, this revision's neuro-synaptic chipset allows it to function autonomously with no human presence in the field. In order to find hidden threats, we developed a subsonic generator that allows the pack to communicate with each other through the ground. The SubWoofer then uses a proprietary A.I. developed from the neural architecture of C. l. nubilus to find hidden explosives over great distance while intelligently discarding false positives. In newly deployed units, it is important to load all reference and control modules before activation. Failure to do so in REDACTED has resulted in a small pack of SubWoofer units that have, for all intents and purposes, gone feral. Reports of locals being followed at night by REDACTED (a bogeyman-type legend) are likely attributable to the SubWoofer, but there is no reason to believe that they pose any danger. Signage proclaiming dangerous conditions has been posted around the feral units' new range to prevent wayward tourists from discovering them.

If you're the type to ignore warning signs, you may find a pleasant surprise underneath the SubWoofer's rough exterior. A smooth tapered head begins a journey down a bulging, finely textured shaft. Pack the lube for this trip and let the SubWoofer bring you to the brink of over-stimulation. The smoother ventral and dorsal details provide a welcome contrast to the circuitry while somewhat easing the transition to the knot. Once tied, you'll find the SubWoofer leaves you satisfyingly filled as it caresses your insides with every little movement. Meet the SubWoofer today and let it show you a howling good time.

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Gewicht(Kg) 0.4500
Herkunftsland Vereinigte Staaten
Hersteller Exotic Erotics
XRector Nein
Ejakulierend Nein
Vibrator Nein
Aufblasbar Nein
Penisknochen Nein
Saugnapf Nein
Spezies Hund
Farbe Mehrfarbig
Härte Mittel
Länge(cm) 21
Nutzbare Länge(cm) 17.5
Länge 21cm (8.3")
Länge(nutzbar) 17,5cm (6.9")
Länge(Schaft) 10,5cm (4.1")
Durchmesser(Spitze) 4,5cm (1.8")
Durchmesser(Schaft) 5cm (2")
Durchmesser(Knoten) 7cm (2.8")
Umfang(Spitze) 16cm (6.3")
Umfang(Knoten) 20,5cm (8")
Umfang(Schaft) 16cm (6.3")
Material Silikon