Elefant (M)

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Neuer Elefanten-Dildo von Exotic Erotics.

This monstrously thick member offers a journey for your body to rival any safari. Start your trip with the beautifully broad head and revel in its ribbing as the gentle flare insistently fills you. Further down, the sinuous curve of the shaft helps angle the head, aiding in P- or G-spot stimulation. Continuing to your destination, feel the gentle ridges of the lower shaft stimulate your most tender spots, and let the gloriously girthy base of the shaft stretch you as you arrive at ecstasy. Try out the Elephant today for and experience that you'll never forget!

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Gewicht(Kg) 1.050000
Herkunftsland Vereinigte Staaten
Hersteller Exotic Erotics
XRector Nein
Ejakulierend Nein
Vibrator Nein
Aufblasbar Nein
Penisknochen Nein
Saugnapf Nein
Spezies Elefant
Farbe Natürlich
Härte Mittel
Länge(cm) 20
Nutzbare Länge(cm) 25,4
Länge 30cm (11.5")
Länge(nutzbar) 25,4cm (10")
Länge(Schaft) ---
Durchmesser(Spitze) 7cm (2.8")
Durchmesser(Schaft) 5,1 cm (2")
Durchmesser(Knoten) ---
Umfang(Spitze) 19cm (7.5")
Umfang(Knoten) ---
Umfang(Schaft) 16,5cm (6.5")
Material Silikon