Scorch the Hellhound (M)

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Der größere, der beiden Höllenhunde von EE

Hellhounds haunt a thousand lonely roads the world over. These denizens of the underworld are said to protect those places where the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead is weakest. According to the various legends associated with hellhounds, while encountering one may be an omen of ill fortune, it is also likely that you will be led safely home. Perhaps it's simply a matter of meeting the right hellhounds.

If your midnight travels lead you to cross paths with a hellhound, hopefully it will be Singe or Scorch. These fiery hounds aren't so much bearers of doom as they are harbingers of lust and desire. Singe and Scorch are always looking for a hot time with a lonely wanderer, but their spectral nature means that they can appear to you any time you want to heat things up in the bedroom.

While these two hounds have several similarities, they also have some delightful differences that make them enjoyable for a wide range of people. Both feature a deliciously textured head that will torturously tease you as the hellhound slowly seeks entrance. Both have a beautifully bumpy ridge that will make you want to howl as you take these hounds from every position. And both have a flinty, craggy base that's easy to hold when things get wet and messy! Scorch is bigger than Singe, and considerably more aroused! With plenty of room behind the big, smooth knot, it offers a deep, satisfying tie, during which the ridge along the shaft will intimately massage your insides.

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Gewicht(Kg) 0.890000
Herkunftsland Vereinigte Staaten
Hersteller Exotic Erotics
XRector Nein
Ejakulierend Nein
Vibrator Nein
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Penisknochen Nein
Saugnapf Nein
Spezies Hund
Farbe Natürlich
Härte Mittel
Länge(cm) 27.3
Nutzbare Länge(cm) 23
Länge 27,3cm (10.75")
Länge(nutzbar) 23cm (9")
Länge(Schaft) 12cm (4.7")
Durchmesser(Spitze) 4,5cm (1.8")
Durchmesser(Schaft) 5,1cm (2")
Durchmesser(Knoten) 8,5cm (3.5")
Umfang(Spitze) 13,5cm (5.3")
Umfang(Knoten) 26cm (10")
Umfang(Schaft) 17cm (6.7")
Material Silikon